We Are Stars

Enough of Darwin and Newton, we must relinquish their theories and reach out into the unknown for new truths.

We are grateful to these men for the giant steps they took in their time, but now we are embarking upon the Quantum Age, which requires new ideas and beliefs to move us forward into the New Era.

Charles and Isaac were great men back then, but this is our time. One mistaken idea that has survived, is that this is the most advanced civilization ever to exist on Earth. No, I am not kidding, there are many who actually believe this.

Advanced is a relative word. An advanced culture would be a society where all basic needs were provided freely, everyone lived in a state of moderation, well-being was the norm, and respect prevailed. I would say that humanity has made baby steps in the right direction, but still has a very long way to go. On the bright side, our progress has evolved exponentially in the last few decades, due to easily accessible global communication. Therefore, we will see major changes in the very near future.

Mr. Darwin’s idea that we evolved from apes, was logical based on the data available at the time, but now we have more information and can make new theories. Firstly, we do not live just once and then go live in Heaven or Hell, for all eternity. This is a myth.

Even what we believe today, about the time before our birth and what happens after we die, or even if we are supposed to die, is only based on what the religious and scientific schools of the day have taught us, but scientific and religious beliefs change, and at a snail’s pace. They are not absolute. Many Gods become one God and over time and new theories invalidate the old ones.

In current, cutting-edge scientific thought, it is becoming accepted by those who are willing to step outside of the proverbial box, that contrary to Darwin’s almost universally accepted Theory of Evolution, we are not slaves to our DNA structure. In fact, we can alter our DNA by changing our beliefs. The science of Epigenetics states that the cell wall is the actual brain of the cell. It responds, through its receptors, to the electromagnetic signals it receives. These signals come from our thoughts and beliefs, and input from our environment.

Newtonian physics is based on duality, but we have now promoted ourselves into the realm of Quantum Physics, where much more is possible. However, keep in mind, that one day in the far future, our current belief systems may taught in a Mythology class for credit towards a degree in Ancient Civilizations.

Most of us have lived many lives. Some can even remember them and know how those lives affect them in this lifetime. So, how can we truly determine our genetic heritage, when another incarnation might be unrelated to the current one?

In addition, and this is the big one, we are not the first civilization to exist on earth. There have been others that have come and gone, some with ends that could have been better, but the origin of our species is not an amoeba. It is much grander, no offense given to the one-celled.

We were brought here to our planet from the far reaches of the Universe. We have ancestors on many Star systems and galaxies, and the beings who are our true cousins and relatives remember us and watch over us. They are here among us, and eventually we will unite with them again. The powers that be, do not want us to know this, so they try with all their might to make us fear anything or anyone originating from places other than Earth.

There are many of us channeling beings from other dimensions and star systems, using our natural telepathic abilities to connect with those who have been waiting for us to reach a higher vibration, which will allow us to communicate with our distant neighbors. Those who seededus here long ago are more advanced than we can ever remember being. They built massive structures with mathematical accuracy that cannot be duplicated by modern day engineers. They developed crystal generators capable of producing more clean energy than we can even dream of creating with our current, feeble in comparison, fossil-fuel generating stations and atomic reactors.

Think of what they accomplished, being able to travel from planet to planet, through solar systems and dimensions. Compare this to how far we, as a civilization, are from being able to duplicate such achievements. There are kind and loving beings in the universe and we can learn from them, but we must change our beliefs and learn to accept what life really is, instead of focusing only on the materialistic life we have right now. We are stars. We came from the stars. When we rise above the dense thought patterns that have been inflicted upon us, only then will we rise like stars in the sky and shine our Light, so that others can see that there is a Light.

From Life is Good, All is Well – Everything is Vibration
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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