Our Higher Self

The Higher Self is connected to the Higher Source of everything.

As we read a book and focus on the content, there is another part of us that knows we are reading the book. This is our Higher Self, our soul, the true essence of our being. It is the part of us that was with us before we incarnated into this lifetime. It is also the part of us that will move on to the next phase of our existence. It is the part of our being that sings the unique note that defines each of us and resonates with the entire Universe, all that exists, and that which does not.

If this still seems a bit vague and difficult to grasp, let me put it another way. If we are at the market and choosing what to buy for dinner, there is a dialogue happening between ourselves and … there you go, you got it. When we are thinking to ourselves and having a conversation in our mind, or in some cases verbally, we are speaking to our Higher Self. It is the part of us with whom we talk, because we know that it knows what we should have for dinner, and everything else that pertains to us, even those things we do not think we know.

Higher than what? Higher than the vibration we are currently experiencing in our Third Dimensional reality and rational, logical thought processes, which we learned are the ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge in life. This dualistic philosophy separates us from our true source of guidance. We can get it back though, there are ways, but first we must have the intention to do so.

Instead of following the crowd, doing, and thinking what everyone else does, we can consult ourselves, a discipline that we can reclaim and develop. The way to do it, is to practice. As we become more accustomed to consulting our own wisdom, we will receive our own guidance in the form of feelings. When we trust our ability to perceive our feelings, we will be in the flow of the universe and things will occur seamlessly and effortlessly.

There is knowingness in life, shown to us when we observe nature with its order and synchronistic, fractal patterns. Once we incorporate this natural rhythm into our personal vibration, we are happy and peaceful. After all, life is good, and all is well. Once we listen to our Higher Selves, we will see it is so.

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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