The Spiritual Self

Being selfish, traditionally means thinking only of ourselves, without regard for others. As adults we learn, being selfish is a childish, un-evolved trait. Because we have learned to think this way, we tend to feel guilty about focusing on ourselves. Some of us are masters at serving others first, to the point of leaving no energy for our own needs. Others of us ignore ourselves, focusing on outward aspects of life, rather than what is inside of us. In either case, we are not serving the needs of the Self.

When we are Spiritually Self-ish, to coin a phrase, we are not disregarding others, but we are tending to our energetic selves. This is something that many of us are re-learning. How is it that we forgot how to nurture ourselves, or did we ever learn? And why is paying attention to ourselves considered selfish? Of course, we cannot focus on ourselves every minute of the day, and ignore the rest of the world, but to be happy and grow spiritually, we must not ignore our own needs, both physical and energetic.

As children, we only thought about what we wanted for ourselves. We had no responsibilities and primarily devoted ourselves to being happy. As adults, our culture teaches us to rely on worldly things, more than our inner resources, to keep us balanced and happy. This leads to a mindset, that the more and better things we acquire, and the  more outside experiences we have, the better our lives will be.  

Over time, we find that we are surrounded by beautiful things and have an array of vacations, movies, cruises, and more, added to our accomplishments in life. However, our inner selves may remain impoverished if we forget to find our inner gifts and talents. When we do not journey within to discover our Higher Self, we will not know who we truly are. 

If we do not invest our efforts into our Inner Being, we will not feel content, no matter how spiritual we appear on the outside. Our Higher Self, which is expressed in our Energy Body, will only retain its energetic integrity when our life is a walking meditation. By doing this, we have created our own personal Power Spot, which is with us all the time. We become a human Sacred Site, inside and out, carrying the highest, purest energy wherever we go. When others meet us, they will recognize that there is something about us. They may not know what it is, but they will get a good feeling from our presence.

How we achieve this enlightened state, is by being Spiritually Self-ish. It means setting and protecting boundaries that maintain the integrity of our Energy Body. This means keeping lower vibrating energies, outside the boundaries we have created. This also means remaining an observer, watching the goings on of the world, but only participating with uplifting energy. In the New Era, selfish becomes Self-ish, and we watch our energetic gardens grow.