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Journeying the Infinite Spiral of Life

My Way Around

How do you spiral from street musician, an island in Belize, tragedy in Mexico to spiritual channel, luminary, and author? Enjoy the adventures, challenges, lessons and incredible experiences of Wendy’s spiraling journey to the successful, happy and healthy place she is today.

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“Integrating the Codes of Ascension”

Being a Master in the New Era

In this compelling and practical, book Wendy presents cutting-edge information about the codes that are embedded in the new information coming into the world.

Learn  how to successfully embrace the changes and obstacles around you and re-invent yourself, as the Codes of  Ascension become integrated in your energy body.

This book explains how one can expand their life by:
  • Living a Divine Life
  • A Walking Meditation
  • Surrounding Yourself with Beauty
  • Becoming a Master in the New Era


A Mystical. Modern Myth
Does Atlantis still exist in an alternate reality or a simultaneously occuring dimension?
Discover the exciting world of Zi’antha, an Atlantean avatar, whose father is stranded, with his crew, an another dimension. Ziantha is determined to save her father. but when the moral fiber in Atlantis began to thin, she found her task was greater–that of Saving Atlantis.
There appeared to be no hope or was there. Could a woman from New Jersey be the saving grace of Atlantis? Time was running short, Atlantis was near the end, but was there a chance of Saving Atlantis?

Ascension Messages from the Higher RealmsAscension Messages From Higher Realms

The Process of Conscious Human Evolution

Why are you here, many ask?  It is simple.  You are here to create Heaven on Earth.  Is it possible?  Of course it is, for to conceive of it is to make it so, but there is a process, a path and a way to proceed.  You must be prepared to let go of all that you have known and be willing to discover the wonders that lie beyond what you thought could exist.  Then you will discover that Heaven on Earth has always been here, beyond a veil and the blink of an eye.  How do you accomplish this transformation?  You change, by moving out of the mainstream flow of mass consciousness into the higher realms of new energetic emanations.  Old ideas and beliefs are replaced by new ones and you discover that you are a Master, fulfilling your ancient agreements to hold the light for all humanity.  There is no better time to begin your journey than now.

Life is Good, All is Well

Everything is Vibration

Did you know that you are made up entirely of vibrating energy? In fact, everything that exists is vibration and that is what this book is about. We are all made up of energy that moves in, out and through our multi-dimensional bodies at a rate determined by the level at which we vibrate. You may resonate with some vibrations and not with others; in other words your vibration is attracted to, neutral or repelled by all other vibrations, which is the reason you are drawn to a certain person, color, music, religion, job and every other aspect your life.  There is no getting around it, that’s just the way it is in the Third Dimension.

         Vibrations are constantly changing, usually so slowly that we don’t notice; however when the change occurs more rapidly, we may observe that a person has transformed somehow and we no longer feel the same way when we are around them. We might feel uneasy or uncomfortable or we may feel more at ease in their presence, because we have never experienced their altered vibration. As the familiarity that once existed with this person no longer remains, we either become more distant from them or make an adjustment to the relationship; perhaps we are not as friendly as we once were. On the other hand, we might feel a new sensation in their company and recognize a deeper, closer and more loving connection to them. There are many ways one type of energy can interact with another, but is our nature to seek out the vibration with which we resonate. In other words, like attracts like.


Do You Want to Be Happy NOW? – 2nd Edition

Do you want to be happy Now? Of course you do? Do you know that you can be?

In this book you will find the answers to help you transform your obstacles to happiness into paths to a satisfying life. Learn what is preventing you from being happy and rediscover what once came naturally. You can be happy in all situations, when you set your course for happiness.

Even when faced with challenges, you can learn to look for a happy outcome. You are supposed to be happy and you deserve to be happy.










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