Where We’re Meant to BE…

We are where we are for a reason.

We have heard that before, and many of us believe it. When we accept that we are here for some sort of mystical or etheric reason, and even more than that are in a particular place also for a reason, we are stepping into the realm of Divine Design.

We can feel confident throughout our day that we are flowing with the Rhythm of Life, and when we return home, we can feel as though we are truly where we belong. However, it is not only for ourselves that we are where we are meant to be, but from a higher perspective, there is a reason why each one of us is where we are.

Often it is difficult to see things as they relate to all that is, but there is an intelligent design that knows where we are meant to be, and communicates that information to us in the form of intuition. The Earth has a specific energy that optimizes life. During certain times of the Earth’s history, there were those that built structures, which helped to keep the Earth’s grid in tact. Those structures have become ruins, yet their energy still remains, perhaps not as intensely as once was, but nevertheless, when we, as Spiritual Seekers, go to these places, or even connect with them etherically, we inherit the vibration of the place.  We add our enlightened energy to the mix, we create a new vibration that is tailored for our new world.

When we are where we are meant to be, we are positioned to connect with the default, balanced Cosmic energies that radiate into our world from the perfect Universal Source. When this happens we are in the flow and we feel happy. We do not encounter resistance and life goes smoothly.

Those of us who are participating in this Cosmic process, are located in auspicious spots on Earth, creating a new grid of enlightened energy, which is upgrading the grid that was altered by civilizations that did not honor Gaia. The way we get in the best position to help achieve this, is by using our feelings and intuition, so we know where we are meant to be.

Sometimes we think we know where we are meant to be, but we are unable to go there. This means either that it is not the right time for us to be there, or maybe we are supposed to be somewhere else. Nothing is set in stone. There are many times in life that a pursuit does not work, but it leads us to something better.

When we are open to the magic of life and how things work out in ways that we could never dream of, we can be filled with awe at the beauty of it all. There are so many parameters involved in even the simplest interaction. A chance meeting can change our lives. A traffic jam can cause us to take a different route and maybe even change our plans. Each choice or unexpected circumstance can alter the course of our lives.

There are little signs as we go through our day. When things happen easily and we meet nice people, we are receiving messages from the Universe, letting us know we are in the right place at the right time. As we remain focused on what we are doing, and what is happening around us, we are positioned to get more of these messages. Being where we are meant to be, while maintaining the highest vibration, helps in strengthening the Earth’s energetic grid. When we follow our guidance, we find we are truly meant to BE where we are.

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

©️2018 Happy Awareness Publications
You may share this message, but please give credit to Wendy Ann Zellea at AscensionMessages.com .
This message is channeled. It is written as intended. If you share, please do not change the content.

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