Making a Difference


Being in the now, appreciating life, and showing kindness to others is the key. When we take the time to acknowledge people during the day, we create positive energy in a powerful way.

This spreads in waves from one person to the next. It sounds very simple, and it has been heard before, but how often is it actually done?

I had once a job that required me to speak on the phone, assisting people in resolving computer software issues. In effort to stall for a few moments, while I waited for the necessary web applications to load, I would announce myself and then ask the person, how are you today? This gave me time load the appropriate screen on my computer while they answered. By the time we had finished our greetings and inquiries, I was ready to begin the troubleshooting process.

Over time I began to notice how the mood of the caller changed when I questioned how they were doing. I also began to realize the power involved in acknowledging another person. When I asked a person how they were, they had to shift their focus from the computer problem to themselves and how they were feeling. Almost always, the person stated they were doing well, thereby verbally confirming it to themselves and to me.

At this point they usually became happy and calm, allowing us to approach the issue peacefully. Some would even ask me how I was doing. Of course, I answered that I as doing very well, since I normally am. Once the discourse was completed, they were even happier, having participated in the energy exchange. Sometimes I had to remind them of the original problem, as they would be content just to chat and prolong the pleasantries.

After I became aware of the beauty of this verbal exchange, I began to take every opportunity to implement it, whether on the phone, in an e-mail, and in person. Whether I am paying for something in a store, riding in an elevator, or in any other personal encounter that is appropriate, I take the opportunity to acknowledge others. I have come to truly enjoy this experience of bringing positive feelings to those who I meet throughout my day. If I hadn’t seen another human being for weeks or months, think how happy I would be to see them. Why should I not be pleased to encounter my fellow humans with whom I cross paths, even if just for a few moments? It is an opportunity and a blessing.

Be kind.

My mother once told me a story about a particular day when she was taking her daily stroll. As she walked down the street she saw a woman approaching. As the woman got closer, my mother noticed her pleasant appearance. She stopped as they passed and complimented her on how she looked. The woman responded that she lived alone and never received compliments and that my mother’s remark made her day. From then on Mom said she always looked for something sincere and positive to say, whenever she had the opportunity.

When we walk our chosen path, we make a profound difference in the world. Each of us has the power to change the world, one moment at a time. All those moments add up to a lifetime. There is not one second of our life that is any less important than another. Of course there are milestones that mark passage from one cycle to another, such as marriages, birthdays, graduations, and AHA moments, but there is  no advantage in wasting any part of a day on negative emotions, such as doubting one’s worth or capability of fulfilling one’s life’s purpose.

Even if we are not certain of our life’s purpose, we are here for a reason. The very act of desiring to know what that purpose might be, is a step towards realizing why we have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time. Remember, we all have the knowledge, and receive the guidance, we require to make a difference in the world.

Trust in life, it is perfect.

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