Dimensions of Time

Sacred Space Grid

Sacred Space Grid

What are dimensions?

Are they above in the sky, or are they in other places, requiring a space ship or nothing more than the intention to go there? Lightworkers refer to dimensions as if they were everyday occurrences, like another town or city to which they can travel at will. In fact, it is possible to journey to other dimensions, because the multi-dimensional aspects of each individual exist in those places.

Firstly, it is essential to attempt to understand the nature of dimensions.  Although it might be possible for some to conceive of other dimensions, it is certainly beyond the realm of rational thought. Currently, the Earthly hologram is designed for humans to experience duality, free will and a three-dimensional physical form. Once it is mastered, then perhaps incarnations in other dimensions may be experienced.

Everything is vibration, in other words, the sum total of every aspect of each individual. This is why it is said that thoughts and actions must be of the highest caliber and lower vibrating energies and thought forms should be released and replaced with pure White Light. Each time this is done, the individual experiences a shift. Afterwards, they are not the same as they were previously, but have entered another sub-dimension. Thoughts are brighter, more light is held in the light body and the vibration of the person is raised. As they move from one place in consciousness to another, a new, subtly unique dimension has been created, that is why they may feel differently. They could not have entered that place had their vibration not resonated with it.

A dimension is a point of view.  The terms higher and lower are used, but in truth, only a point or coordinate in the Universe is allotted to each being,   one tiny multi-dimensional dot in the entire scheme of creation, but from that point each individual can expand outward, or inward, infinitely, while remaining securely anchored. Oh the cleverness of it all, right?

It’s About Time

The New Era began after the Winter Solstice in 2012, at which time the Earth’s electromagnetic grid was once again restored, allowing our planet to enter higher dimensions. It is now upon Lightworkers to integrate into this new energetic environment, which will remove humanity from the dense, dualistic consciousness of the last Era. Therefore, it is essential to become more familiar with multidimensionality. To do this, one must first realize that time, as it exists in the modern world, is not real. It is only a system of ordering possibilities which have already occurred, are occurring or might occur, and calling it the past, present or future.  It is the current belief that any event, which did not occur, doesn’t exist, but possibilities, which have not been chosen, are as real as what has happened.

Can the past be changed and the future be determined, or even influenced, by the present? Absolutely, and it can be seen in the simple act of forgiveness. When one forgives another person, or even themselves, it changes the past by modifying an event, so that it is only a memory and no longer causes pain or distress. Enlightened healers can go a step further and remove the energy completely, by sending the past issue, and all connected to it, back to the universe to be transmuted into positive energy and then filling the space in their Light Body with Pure White Light. Practicing such techniques can virtually erase a memory from the Akashic record of the person, thereby eliminating the Karmic aspect that has kept the vibration so deeply anchored in the Third Dimensional consciousness. This process, along with other more advanced energy techniques will become commonplace in the New Era and already are extensively used amongst Lightworkers today. The future can be influenced by intent, as many Lightworkers have learned. In other words, humans are not hapless victims, but rather beings with free will and the power to influence the events that make up a lifetime.

In the current Third Dimensional reality, other dimensions and incarnations that are occurring simultaneously are not part of the consciousness of its inhabitants. In the New Era, this is changing; information from other dimensions is being brought forth and veils are thinning, so that some people are able to have glimpses of what lies on the other side. Do you remember experiencing a moment or a place, feeling that you have been there before? Do people you meet seem familiar, as though you have met them, even though you know you haven’t? Do synchronistic events occur more frequently in your daily life? These occurrences are mystical experiences, moments of resonating with other dimensions, which forge connections to what is happening there. It can then be surmised that what you do here, affects what happens everywhere else, through the vast number of pathways that have entangled you to the Cosmic aspect of yourself and that what happens in this lifetime may be a result of something that is going on in another one. Human beings, have free will, which other incarnations, of the same being, might not, that is why what you do here is so important.

Consider the process of aging or rather the process of un-rejuvenation, it occurs to everyone and is accepted as an absolute reality, but aging is only the result of a constant barrage of emotional and environmental deterrents and pollutants. It can be reversed. When someone appears stressed out and looking old and then after a vacation or a relaxation energy treatment they appear younger. The techniques for anti-aging today are weak and ineffectual to the overall aging process. Ancient, pre-historic civilizations had temples of rejuvenation that could reverse the effects of aging more than any methods that exist today. In the New Era, access to the temple of rejuvenation has returned and as it develops and becomes integrated into mainstream reality, un-wellness and premature aging will be a thing of the past.

The concept of time is the linear configuration of all the possibilities that were chosen either by a person or group of people. It is then labeled as reality. It is a filing system to keep track of not what could have happened, but what did happen. However, what might have happened is still a reality, and although it need not be dwelled upon, it exists as much as what was chosen. Therefore, there is no past or future, instead everything is occurring simultaneously, but because there is almost no awareness of what occurs in other dimensions, we believe that there is only one reality and that time is moving from the past to the future.

When a past life is remembered or a prediction or prophecy is made, other dimensions are accessed and information flows in from new sources. In the New Era the veil is thinning, resulting in an increase in synchronistic events, intuitive knowledge, clairvoyance and resonating with other vibrations is allowing mystical experience to be commonplace.

There may be those who have a memory of being a king, a queen or a well known historical being. Each memory is valid, because the beings in each lifetime that is recalled are archetypes, representing an experience, lesson or event that was the purpose of that incarnation. In each particular reality, every person that has such a memory actually was that person. This is what it means to exist in a quantum reality.

The Ascended Masters who walked on earth and were able to do extraordinary things were really only accessing a greater degree of their human potentiality and came to earth to show people the possibilities that lie within the reach of humanity. They were considered Gods, only because humanity had sunk so low that they had forgotten their true capabilities. What the Ascended Masters brought with them was an example of what could be done by humans. The very fact of their incarnating as humans, raised the vibration of the entire population, by default. In the New Era light workers have started to become aware of a greater potential, even while living in a 3D body. With practice these talents will gradually become part of ordinary reality.

This is the New Era. It is up to each person to embrace it. Old beliefs and thought patterns, even those so deeply ingrained and accepted as absolute reality, do not apply anymore. The Earth has already ascended and now each individual must follow. There is no longer the question of whether it will happen; mankind will ascend, not in a sudden moment, but in good and perfect time.