Balance and Moderation

We live in a balanced world. Yes, it is true. At times there is turmoil, but in the end, there must be balance. Consider the Earth, a planet orbiting in a Solar System. It must remain balanced to continue, with the least resistance, on its path.

A state of balance, has the least amount of stress. When we are energetically balanced, we feel good. We are resonating with Source and receiving guidance. Living in a balanced state promotes well-being, happiness, and peace.

In today’s world, creating balance calls for focus. We must learn to govern our energy, by setting personal boundaries. Each of us has unique requirements for creating balance, based upon our individual character. Some of us may need to work less and relax more. This could mean finding a new career or moving to a new location. Others may already have found balance and must only work at fine-tuning it.

Maintaining a balanced state, is an ongoing process. Daily life and world events can have an influence on our energetic signature. Because of this, it is helpful to have tools, such as different types of energy work, that can assist us to restore the balance in our lives. Which tools are most helpful, varies from person to person, and no one tool is better than another. It just depends on what resonates with us. Some people use meditation, others work with crystals, or with the Higher Beings, Archangels, and Ascended Masters.

So, where do we begin to create balance? First, we must be in tune with our feelings. Then we must learn to honor them. There is only one true source of guidance for each of us, and it lies within every person. The good news is that once we become connected to our Higher Self, things become much easier.

Many of us have envisioned a perfectly balanced world, but perfection is subjective. We define it, based on our own point of view. In this perfect world, the climate may be warm for you and cool for me. Therefore, it is safe to say that there is no such thing as perfection, because the very concept implies absoluteness. There is no one scenario that is perfect for everyone.

The closest that we can get to perfection, is when we completely resonate with the energy of someone or something. When our vibration compliments and resonates with the vibration of something else, and each is compatible with the other. In that scenario, nothing could be better.

A perfect moment is a balanced one. It may continue to the next moment, which, when it happens, is lovely. Other times, the perfect moment is only fleeting. If the moment following a perfect one, is also perfect, it is even more perfect, since the concept of two perfect moments in sequence, would be better than only one. Is it possible to be more than perfect?

Having said all this silliness, it is easy to see that constant, never-ending perfection and paradise are not achievable realities in Third Dimensional life, nor should they be. Even if we live in a place where the weather is perfect each day, over time, we may long for a change.

We should not be discouraged though, because paradise is really a place that is only relatively perfect, a place of balance and moderation, with few extremes, little tension, and minimal stress. A place where there is only flow.

A moderately perfect state of being, encourages wholeness and well-being, in mind, body, and spirit. This is what it means to be in the New Era. It is a place where we do not always get the parking spot we try to manifest, but it is okay, because it shows us that we should be somewhere else.

Occasionally there are slight imbalances, but these are only opportunities to learn how to restore a state of equilibrium. We may have trouble falling asleep one night and other nights we will sleep extra hours. It is all as it should be. In a moderately good and perfect world, we always look on the bright side, because there is always a bright side, even if it is not immediately apparent.

Balance is our default state. When we experience synchronistic moments, we are perfectly balanced. They create harmonious conditions for our brain waves. Other life experiences, which seem like problems, give us the opportunity to learn lessons. So, when examined from a quantum view, all experiences are part of a carefully orchestrated symphony, played out with the Rhythm of Life.

Moderation, the highest human state, extends to our thoughts, as well as to our actions. We may have very high vibrating thoughts, most of the time, but then also have thoughts that we think are not spiritual, or that are beneath that of a Master.

The truth is, they are not. Those thoughts are part of us or we would not be thinking them. They are only coming to the surface, into our conscious awareness, so that we can release them. That is the action of an enlightened person. We can let the outdated energy go back to the Universe.

By being moderately good, we are being perfect. Moderation implies balance, and balance requires focusing on the present. Of course, we remember the past and think about the future, but it is essential to be here now. Everything that happened in the past was instrumental on the paths we are walking. So, it was all good, from a certain point of view.

As Masters, living in the New Era, we focus on raising our vibration, changing our behavior, and doing what we feel is best for us, to balance the energy of a lifetime. Our path, is to integrate an increased influx of Light, so we can experience Balance and Moderation.

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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