Not to Worry


When we worrying about something that works out, we worried for nothing. In fact, we have only made the situation worse by placing our focus on a result we do not want, thereby helping to create it. Worrying wastes huge amounts of energy.

When we allow events to unfold, envisioning the best outcome, we are using our energy to create the results we desire. When we are happy, we have faith that things will turn out well and that the universe will provide solutions. When things continually work out for the best, we see the magic of life.

So then, how do we stop worrying?

First, we must have the intention. Then realize that we are in control of our thoughts. We do not have to worry about anything. Worrying is a habit we learned. We did not worry when we were children. Why should anything go wrong now? Life is not supposed to be full of things going wrong.

It’s not always something. We must erase that belief from our consciousness. If we continue to believe it is always something, it will be. When we expect things to go smoothly, then they will. Consider nature, everything is perfect in the natural world and everyone is part of that world. Why then should we experience mishap after mishap? If we say that it’s always something, we are not allowing ourselves to believe that things can go well. We are in opposition to the natural flow of life.

Things are much better when we go with the flow and watch life unfold perfectly, the way it is supposed to. When we hear someone say, it’s always something, we can just say, No, it is not.

From “Do You Want to Be Happy NOW?” – Available on Kindle