Maintaining the Highest Vibration by Thinking Positive Thoughts

IMG_0099Spiritual Growth, otherwise known as becoming enlightened, is the focus of each Master, living in the New Era. It is a constant process of increasing one’s energetic signature. Many variables can affect a person’s vibration. Emotional and environmental factors influence the Light Quotient, which determines one’s vibration. Other people can greatly affect the vibrational level of the Light Body as well. There are, however, ways that one can make a conscious effort to maintain the highest vibration.

Think Positive Thoughts, Speak Positive Words

This may sound like very basic information, but it is so important that it cannot be over emphasized. Each thought and word has a vibration. In fact everything has a vibration. Every person is made up of energy, which moves in, out, and through their multi-dimensional body, at a rate determined by the level at which they vibrate. One may resonate with some vibrations and not with others. A person’s vibration is attracted to, neutral, or repelled by all other vibrations. This is why they are drawn to certain people, colors, music, religion, jobs, and all other aspects of life.

Vibrations are constantly changing, usually so slowly that one normally does not notice. Over time, it may be observed that a person has transformed somehow, and they no longer feel the same way when they are around those with whom they once resonated. One may feel uneasy or uncomfortable in the  presence of another. The familiarity that once existed with this person, no longer remains, and both parties either become more distant from one another or perhaps they make an adjustment to the relationship. In some cases the other person may leave for a time, or even forever. On the other hand, a new sensation might be felt in their company and a deeper, closer, and more loving connection recognized. There are many ways one type of energy can interact with another, but it is human nature to seek out the vibration with which one resonates. In other words, like attracts like.

When thoughts and words are positive, it means they are life-sustaining, creating an environment for spiritual growth. The opposite is also true, negative vibrations do not contribute to energetic well-being, in fact, they hamper it. Therefore, speaking and thinking positively are the first and most basic steps in one’s spiritual journey. It is a process of returning to the natural human template. What is that template, one might ask? It is creating a vibration that resonates with the human heartbeat. The Alpha State and the Human Angelic experience are the resonance of this optimal human vibration.

This energetic environment may be created under certain conditions, for example when one is relaxed, meditates, listens to certain music, or does energy work. For many, maintaining that vibration is what creates a challenge. When one is surrounded by lower energy, they must learn to avoid being affected by it. The clue to this lies within each person, in the heartbeat. It is the most basic rhythmic aspect of life one can know. Just hearing a rhythm that mimics the heartbeat is comforting. It brings back a primal memory, which is acquired before one is born.

However, resonating with the human heartbeat is not the highest state one can achieve. Once one is relaxed, and a pleasant mood is created, one can experience even higher vibrations. The Theta State occurs when one is dreaming, but when one achieves this while awake, it is called a spiritual experience. These are the areas of consciousness that cannot be truly described in words. They are the ones, which are most sought after by Masters. When they are achieved, it is magical.

Beginning the process is simple, when one examines it closely. It consists of returning to a completely positive energetic state. By doing so, the flow of Light increases, resulting in an overall feeling of well-being. The more positive energy and Light that is brought into the person’s energy body, the more one can become aware of higher vibrations and dimensions.

It has been said that humans exist in many dimensions. This is true, but sometimes the notion of a dimension is a bit too linear. Each soul occupies a point in space. From this point the consciousness of that being may expand both outward and inward, in an infinite number of dimensions. As this occurs, so do spiritual experiences.

Perhaps one might see an orb or sense a Light Being in their energy field. This happens  when they are experiencing parts of reality, outside of the ordinary Third Dimension. It is normal, not exceptional. It is the way humans are made, but over the ages, the ability to sense anything that does not vibrate within the Third Dimensional range has generally been forgotten. The good news is that the Masters of the New Era are once again remembering.

In order to have such experiences, one must let go of lower vibrating energies. This is something anyone can do, but first one must have the intention. When one is about to say something that is not integrous, there will be a voice in the mind of the person, telling them not to speak the words. It is the voice of the Higher Self, offering guidance to the person about to speak. When that voice is heard, and listened to, the amount of positive energy the person will experience is amplified, as a result of letting go of the un-useful communication they nearly created. When one practicing speaking and thinking in positive ways, they begin to see life change for the better.

Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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