Living a Divine Life


Living a Divine Life. Does it sound like a fairy tale? Well, it is not. No matter what we have experienced so far, a Divine Life can begin today. We must only have the intention for it to be so. The first step, is to believe that it is possible to live a Divine Life, and then make it a reality.

Living a Divine Life begins with how we view and treat ourselves and others. The same way we give ourselves oxygen on an airplane, before helping someone else, we must love and honor ourselves, never compromising the integrity of the standard of excellence we wish to create.

Living a Divine Life, includes showing gratitude for what we have, loving our lives and those in it, loving our body, and all the activities that fill the day, even those that are mundane. When we do this, we are ensuring that our life will always have the quality we desire.

  • Loving our work ~ it provides us with the resources that support our lifestyle.
  • Loving our friends ~ they are the mirrors in which we see our character.
  • Loving our enemies ~ they teach us lessons and allow us to remain steadfast in our values.
  • Loving ourselves ~ for living a Divine Life.

 Embracing the concept of Divinity, and how it manifests in everyday life, shows us that within each of us is the creator aspect, a spark of the Divine. It is the barometer of our thoughts, actions, and words. A thought, even one that is unexpressed, is still part of our energetic signature. It is essential for our spiritual health, to be conscious of what we are creating.

We are part of a Whole

It is known, and even acknowledged by mainstream quantum science, that we are all connected, or simply put, we are all in this together. Each one of us is just as important and vital to life as the next, and deserves the same Love and respect. Understanding the essence of Divinity, means recognizing that everything that exists, is an expression and a reflection of the Divine. Therefore, to live a Divine Life, we must accept others just the way they are, and allow them to fulfill their life’s purpose, just as we do ours. At times, this can be extremely difficult, especially when we have the desire to help someone, because we have already learned what they have not. However, it is not for us to impose our wisdom on others or deprive them of their life lessons. Instead, we can be examples, bringers of Light We can shine our Light so that others will see that there is a Light. Life is an occasion and we all must rise to it.

Living a Divine Life involves accepting everyone, without judgment, criticism, or ridicule. That other person could have been you at another time on your journey. Just because you have gone farther, does not mean you are better or wiser, it is only reflection of the current vibration of your Light Body. There are other times when your vibration might have been much different. In other simultaneously existing dimensions, the situation might be the reverse. By living a Divine Life, our thoughts towards others stays positive, uplifting, and impeccable, just the same as our words. When living in a competitive society, that expects us to give up our identity and adopt the beliefs of the culture, it may be difficult to change judgmental, assumptive ideas, but with practice we may find that doing so is refreshing and vitalizing.


Perceiving others with unconditional, Divine Love changes our world. It attracts like-minded people who are on a similar journey, some are farther along, and others by our side, but it is all as it should be. The Universe consists of infinite possibilities. When we step into a Divine Life, we are stepping out of the unremarkable, and into a place where life is good and all is well. We do not see a world muffled and disordered. Instead, we see a place of Conscious Human Evolution, in which events occur, which are completely beyond the linear capability our understanding, but are necessary for the shifts that are happening. The Universe functions perfectly, on an infinitely grand scale. We should not assume that even catastrophic and life changing events, will upset the impeccable workings of the cosmos.

Life is a dance, we must only learn to move with the rhythm.

Those of us living in the New Era are changing our thoughts and beliefs to higher vibrating ones, allowing us to transition gracefully. We see the world, not as a place that is damaged, but as a place of wonder and perfection, filled with plants, animals, minerals, and people who are all on the same guided, evolutionary path. We see beauty in everyone. Each person was once a precious little baby, with a loving spirit. When we exist within the resonance of Unconditional Love, then we are living a Divine Life.