Dreams and Dimensions

Life is but a dream. If so, then what is really, real? Do you wake up when you go to sleep or are you dreaming when you are awake? Are dreams a review of what happened during the day or are they glimpses into what is happening in another dimension, another lifetime, and another world?

It has been generally accepted that dreams are a repeat of what has occurred in the recent past or what is stored in the cellular memory. The truth is, when you sleep, you travel to other dimensions. Sometimes you remember your nightly sojourn and other times you do not. In any case, important things are going on while you slumber and they are just as important as the events in your daily life. In other words, when you sleep here, you are awake somewhere else and vice versa. Since science does not recognize multidimensional, simultaneous lifetimes, it is presumed that all mental activity occurs in this dimension.

There is more going on than a review of your daily activities when you dream. You are having experiences that overlap the ones you have when you are awake. As an example, say that you visit a garden filled with beautiful flowers. Afterwards, you may have a dream in which the flowers are on a table in a room. The flowers are the common denominator connecting the two dimensions. Are they the same flowers? Perhaps they are and perhaps they are not. What is important is to realize that they are possibilities. In one dimension the flowers are in a garden and in another they are in a vase on a table. In both cases you are aware of the flowers and they are anchoring you to a similar vibration in each dimension. Remember, you are awake and conscious in both places, just not at the same time.

Some people see future events in a dream. Perhaps you dream of someone and then see them in a similar setting the following day or sometime afterwards. When you see them, you remember the dream. Are you having a prophetic dream? YES! Consider the moon rise or a New Year’s Eve celebration. The same way that you can observe a place in a different time zone, on TV or the Internet, you know that, at the appointed hour, the same moon will rise and midnight will also happen where you are located. If you didn’t know about time zones and saw the moon rise in England, on TV, five hours before you saw in rise over the Hudson River in New Jersey, you would think it was prophetic. You may get a different version of seeing someone or some place in a dream, but you will notice that there are similarities between the experiences of both the dream and waking reality.

Dreams often occur surrealistically, not in the space-time frame of everyday life. This is because the spacial relativity in other dimensions, or your perception of it, differs from that of waking reality. If the dream dimension were your waking reality, things would appear as normal as they do in everyday conscious awareness. Even the smallest change in an environment can distort the senses. Think of how objects appear in the dark or under water. There are differences in size and even the perspective of distance.

The material point is that in both instances you are sometimes awake and other times asleep, just neither at the same time. This creates a balance in your energetic signature, for the time when you sleep on one place, you rejuvenate in another. The places you visit in your dreams also differ. You may travel to the mountains, a city, an old school you once attended, or any number of scenarios, the meaning of which is determined by your energetic requirements. Dreams are also affected by physical parameters, such as food, sleep environment, the health of the person, and a myriad of other influences.

What about recurring dreams? The same way that events happen repeatedly, in everyday life, so they do in dreams. You may drive to work or to the market every day and actions may also be repeated in the dream state. Perhaps you are doing the same thing in more than one dimension and you dream it each time, with a slight variation. You may dream you are driving and suddenly the road turns into an extremely steep hill. One night you might continue down the hill until you find yourself driving into water. In another dream you might remember the previous, similar dream, back up, and go another way. Are you learning a lesson or is it something else? You may never know, but you will most likely feel better when you make a different choice to keep your vehicle out of the water. What matters is the way your choices make you feel, both in dreams and when you are awake.

It is not necessary to over-analyze your dreams any more than you study the events of your daily life. You may never know the entire scenario that is occurring in another dimension, so trying to figure out the meaning of a dream, with only part of the story, can be an exercise in futility. If you learn from your nighttime escapades, excellent, otherwise, hopefully you will just enjoy remembering them.

Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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