Looking Within Ourselves

It is a time of transformation for many of us. We have been integrating and processing vast amounts of energy. As this happens, a different reality unfolds, and little by little we are being guided to look within ourselves. Is this not what we hoped for and worked for? All the spiritual studies and healing modalities we engaged in over the years, and may still practice, have helped to clear away the lower vibrating energy from our light bodies. Now we can place our focus, to once again connecting with our authentic selves.

In the new version of consciousness there is empowerment, meaning that we can set our own boundaries, determine which hologramic scenarios we allow into our lives, and request assistance from the Higher Beings, even for the smallest aspects of our everyday life.

When we look inward, we enter the realm of our Higher Self. It is there that our connection with the Higher Realms becomes stronger and clearer. In fact, answers and guidance are so close that we can receive them at any time. All that is required, is that we just be open to what lies within each one of us. Read more ›

The Mystery of Parallel Realities

In 2011, I traveled on a Pilgrimage with the Earth-Keeper group to Sacred England. As I stood gazing at Stonehenge, it seemed as though I was catching sight of a structure from another dimension that had somehow slipped through a veil and become visible. I had researched Stonehenge a fair bit before the amazing tour, but somehow all the articles I read fell short of explaining what I experienced when I arrived.

Some people claim the stones circle was built to serve as a calendar or a religious site. However, those who built Stonehenge, and other stone circles, are often described as primitive, naïve, and heathen nature worshippers. Although I knew a lot about Stonehenge from reading about it, when I saw it in person, none of what I had read made sense to me any longer. Read more ›

Cosmic Events

We have honored Cosmic Cycles for ages, as markers of essential Sacred Geometric aspects of the passage of life on Earth. The path of humanity is integrated into these cycles. Moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices are indisputably the same for everyone. Therefore, it seems reasonable for us to place our attention on these events. We may not all agree on religion, politics or even what kind of pizza topping we like, but we do agree that seasons exist.

No one disputes the degree of the angle of the sunlight that shines upon us or position of the moon at various times of the year. Our present-day calendars do not accurately mark celestial events as auspicious days, so perhaps that is a good reason for us to find a truer approach to the passage of time.

Equinoxes are times of balance. The energy is strong, but it is even. Solstices are more extreme; the Cosmic Energy can be either extremely high or low. It is during these times that it helps us to be acutely aware of how the Energies are affecting us and how we can tweak our lives to sail on through, to the best outcome. Read more ›

Fine Tuning the Energy Body

We are Masters, who have embarked on a spiritual journey.

More often than not, we had teachers, taken classes, gone to seminars, and learned many techniques that were helpful in our Spiritual Evolution. The learning and practicing was all in preparation for the arrival of the New Era. The task before us now is the fine tuning of our energy bodies.

As the new energies are integrated into our Light Bodies we resonate more with the Beings in the Higher Realms, who are waiting for us to work with them. We do not have to hurry the process, for in good and perfect time it will all transpire. In addition, we must complete the Third Dimensional lifetime that we came here to experience. This is not something to be cast aside, no, it is an honor. Read more ›

New Ascension Messages

Many of us have become aware that we are living in a new energetic hologram. Those of us that are experiencing this new energy, are bringing through messages containing information that will make the transition into this uncharted territory easier for all of us. Some messages seem to be saying similar things in different ways, but the underlying codes are the same. There is a reason that a particular theme is brought through in many forms at the same time.

Each of these messages has its own distinct pattern and essential value to those resonating with it. Beliefs that no longer serve, have been lingering for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of years. By holding on to these irrelevant doctrines, it makes it more difficult for us to create new ones. Operating systems are updated on computers on a regular basis, yet religions and customs that are archaic, and no longer relevant, are still maintained, practiced, and have not fundamentally changed. Read more ›

Where We’re Meant to BE…

We are where we are for a reason.

We have heard that before, and many of us believe it. When we accept that we are here for some sort of mystical or etheric reason, and even more than that are in a particular place also for a reason, we are stepping into the realm of Divine Design.

We can feel confident throughout our day that we are flowing with the Rhythm of Life, and when we return home, we can feel as though we are truly where we belong. However, it is not only for ourselves that we are where we are meant to be, but from a higher perspective, there is a reason why each one of us is where we are. Read more ›

Our Higher Self

The Higher Self is connected to the Higher Source of everything.

As we read a book and focus on the content, there is another part of us that knows we are reading the book. This is our Higher Self, our soul, the true essence of our being. It is the part of us that was with us before we incarnated into this lifetime. It is also the part of us that will move on to the next phase of our existence. It is the part of our being that sings the unique note that defines each of us and resonates with the entire Universe, all that exists, and that which does not. Read more ›

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