Truth is Truth, It’s True

IMG_0716Everything you read in this article is true. At least it was true for me when I wrote it. It might also be true for you and it might not. It is up to you to decide. You are the only one who knows what is true or appropriate for you. No longer are we able to let others make decisions for us, especially regarding our beliefs or even our physical health. Being a Master in the new Era mean being Enlightened and that means knowing yourself.

Each of us is completely different, put together with a unique set of parameters, including DNA structure, family history, past life issues and even planetary inheritance. In light of this, how can one set of rules apply to everyone? Obviously, it cannot. Yet we are made to believe that competition to be the same, but better, is the optimal goal.

In the New Era, which is where I currently reside, we are all responsible for knowing what is true and right for ourselves. You see, I am the caretaker of me, just as you are of you. This means, that you must always be in charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In retrospect, I sometimes think that I didn’t always do the best I could for myself, but then I remember that this is an unfair judgment, because I am only looking at what happened from my current point of view. Of course I can do better now or I wouldn’t think that I could have done better. “We always do the best we can with what we have to work with at the time. Sometimes we just don’t have that much to work with.” That is a quote from the famous author, Wendy Ann Zellea.

I will share a truth with you, at least for me it is true. I channeled messages for quite some time and I expect I will continue to in the future. I knew I was channeling, by the way I felt when I transcribed them. There is an abundance of excellent and useful channeled information coming through from many sources. I read, and am grateful for, many of the messages from the higher realms. Even technological progress may be ruled by extraterrestrial sources. By extraterrestrial, I mean a being not living on Earth. This includes Angels, Ascended Masters and others. However, at this time in my life, I must also speak my own truth. It is an assignment I have been given, the same way that channeling was an opportunity to open my communication lines to higher energies. Time to order new business cards…again.

My personal path has been one of finding my core being, from which I became  somewhat separated, lifetimes ago. How do I know this, you may ask? Well, because I am once again connected and very firmly rooted in my core, the source of my Divine Feminine energy. Before this re-connection occurred, I attempted to find myself by taking on the identity of others. That is always easier than sifting through one’s own garbage, right? This, of course cannot work and results in wasted time and energy and finding myself, many times back at square one.

Once I began to re-connect with my essence, I realized that, by channeling, I was  again looking elsewhere for a voice. Perhaps that is why I kept losing my voice every day? It was time to, once again, allow my own voice to be heard. When I did, the words flowed so quickly I could hardly keep up and I felt my heart swell with the success of finding myself.

One extraordinary thing I have noticed lately is the way I communicate with my Higher Self. We all know about the Higher Self, it is the being that you are speaking to when you are thinking, or perhaps talking, to yourself. You are addressing your Higher Self, because you know that it knows the right answer. What I have realized since I found my center is that now I AM my Higher Self and I AM now talking to the self that used to talk to me, namely my ego. I see that aspect of myself as a parent sees a child, with Love. That is what “I AM, that I AM” means. It is experienced when you have become your true self. This is the normal state of being in the New Era, the only true way you can be a part of the new energy that is now on Earth. This is what it means to be a Master.