The Mystery of Parallel Realities

The Mystery of Parallel Realities

In 2011, I traveled on a Pilgrimage with the Earth-Keeper group to Sacred England. As I stood gazing at Stonehenge, it seemed as though I was catching sight of a structure from another dimension that had somehow slipped through a veil and become visible. I had researched Stonehenge a fair bit before the amazing tour, but somehow all the articles I read fell short of explaining what I experienced when I arrived.

Some people claim the stones circle was built to serve as a calendar or a religious site. However, those who built Stonehenge, and other stone circles, are often described as primitive, naïve, and heathen nature worshippers. Although I knew a lot about Stonehenge from reading about it, when I saw it in person, none of what I had read made sense to me any longer.

First of all, the stones are enormous, much larger than I imagined. I highly doubt if even today we could recreate such a grid of rocks that size. Therefore, to attribute the project to a society of people who were supposedlynot technologically advanced, seems unlikely. No, the mainstream archeological parameters attached to Stonehenge, did not add up.

So then, what is the explanation of how this anomaly of the British landscape came to be where it is? Well, the truth is that no one really knows for certain. It has been determined that the stones replicate our solar system on a smaller scale and align to the shadow of the sun’s rising and setting on solstices and equinoxes, but that is not an explanation, it is only a description of the characteristics of the henge.

It could be, that the builders of Stonehenge were more technically advanced that we know, or perhaps the time has come for us to depend on our own sense of knowing, intuition, feelings, and cellular memory.

Peeking through the veil…

Currently, those are many who believe that Atlantis flourished on this planet tens of thousands of years ago. Others claim that Atlantis exists in the future, and its Golden Era is a projection of what we, as a civilization, might achieve. We perceive Atlantis as happening in the past, so that we may learn not to make the mistakes we attribute to its demise. In each instance, we perceive Atlantis in a possibleother dimension.

There are other claims that Atlantis currently exists in a simultaneous dimension, of which some of us get glimpses in dreams or flashes of awareness. It may be that Atlantean survivors could have created the mystery stone circle. Others believe it was extra-terrestrials, who could have come to Earth before the age of modern technology.

All these theories attempt to make sense of the history of the Earth, but we must remember that we are now in the New Era. We have not been here long, but long enough for us to have come to the realization that everything doesoccur simultaneously and there really is no past or future, only possibleinstances of the present.

If this is true, then Atlantis is occurring now in its own reality, as we are in ours, neither dimension being more real or more valid that the other. This is an easy concept to express, but a difficult one to truly comprehend in Third Dimensional, linear, mainstream reality.

There are an infinite number of other realities occurring simultaneously. What is important for us is to realize, is that there are other aspects of ourselves that exist in these realities, and we sometimes become aware of them. That is why we remember what we call past lives, because we ARE there.

Back to Stonehenge, I stood staring at the stones. I could not mentally process their existence, as I normally do. There was something unearthly about them. Then it all became clear. I was just getting a glimpse of something I do not normally see. The Sacred Stones exist in another dimension, but I and others can see them.

Unlike trees, the sky, people, animals, water, and every other aspect of our world that we consider real, these stones are of a different vibration, but have somehow managed to manifest in our reality. That is why we are so magically drawn to them.

This is not actually so unbelievable, as there are other life forms that manifest here on Earth and communicate with those of us in the New Era. For example, some of us see Angels or members of the Devic Kingdom. The large stones of Stonehenge are living, sentient beingsof the Mineral Kingdom that have managed to appear in our reality. Is this also the explanation for Crop circles? What else might be peeking through the veil?

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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