Looking Within Ourselves

It is a time of transformation for many of us. We have been integrating and processing vast amounts of energy. As this happens, a different reality unfolds, and little by little we are being guided to look within ourselves. Is this not what we hoped for and worked for? All the spiritual studies and healing modalities we engaged in over the years, and may still practice, have helped to clear away the lower vibrating energy from our light bodies. Now we can place our focus, to once again connecting with our authentic selves.

In the new version of consciousness there is empowerment, meaning that we can set our own boundaries, determine which hologramic scenarios we allow into our lives, and request assistance from the Higher Beings, even for the smallest aspects of our everyday life.

When we look inward, we enter the realm of our Higher Self. It is there that our connection with the Higher Realms becomes stronger and clearer. In fact, answers and guidance are so close that we can receive them at any time. All that is required, is that we just be open to what lies within each one of us.

Once we tune into the frequency of our guidance, we discover that it broadcasts continuously. When we go within ourselves and listen very closely, we can tune into the voice in our mind, through which we hear the silent dialogue we are having with the Higher Beings that are here to assist us.

The ability to go inward does not necessarily demand formal training or even an online class. All that is required is for us to pay attention, turn our focus away from the mundane influence of the outer world, and focus on the inner, spiritual aspects of our lives. Even if we only spend a few minutes each day doing this, changes will happen.

When we begin to turn our focus inward, it helps to start small, as we become aware of our spiritual abilities. We are receiving a steady stream of new information, ranging from the mundane aspects of everyday living, to the formation of new belief systems.

When we are deciding what to wear in the morning, we might think it is hardly a spiritual concern and certainly not in the realm of making a higher life decision. The thing is, every moment of our lives is as important and sacred as the next. What we wear may determine our mood, influence how others see us, or even raise or lower our vibration that day.

When we listen to our inner voice, we increase our ability to hear it more. Over time, when we pause to decide what is the best answer in a situation, we hear pristine council.

Most of us practice this daily when we decide what we want to eat. We make this decision without realizing that we are speaking to our multidimensional selves. We think about it and say, hmmm, what do I feel like eating. Who are we asking? We are asking our cells, for our cells know what they require to function. Why then do we desire dessert, certainly my body can’t need that? No, our bodies do not needit, but there is something to be said for the pleasure principle.

Now, if we take this a step further, we can go within when we make decisions on other aspects of our lives, even major life decisions.

We can ask our Angels and Ascended Masters for assistance as we go through our day, but we can also go inward and connect with our Higher Self. All the answers are there. We must only believe in ourselves enough, to trust that we know what is best for us.

There is an untapped resource, a library of the Akashic records of every multidimensional aspect of each of us. We access this wisdom and information by going inward. By searching for the best outcome this way, we are validating that we believe that the outcome exists. This act unlocks the vault, inside of us, where the best outcome resides.

When we go within, and all goes well, we realize that it did so because we have tuned into the rhythm of life, allowing synchronistic events to take place. We are then watching life unfold like a beautiful flower, free from the shackles of duality.

It may be a new experience to look within for our guidance, but keep in mind that it is only a remembrance of what we once knew how to do. When we again make it part of normal reality, it is pleasurable, like going home. The truth is…we are.

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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