How to Waste Time

Worrying is a complete waste of time and energy. If we worry about something and it works out, we worried for nothing and  we have only made the situation worse by placing our focus on a result we do not want, thereby helping to enable it.

When we allow events to unfold naturally, envisioning the best outcome, we are using our energy and thoughts to create the desired results. Allowing ourselves to believe that things will turn out well and that the universe will supply solutions, is the magic of life.

My Journey is Real

When I moved to New Jersey from Canada in 2000, it was exceedingly difficult to find an apartment, but I knewI would find a suitable place to rent. One day, a friend of mine, who did not share my faithful attitude, said to me, You are never going to find a good place in your price range. It’s impossible.

Would you just try and be a little more positive, was my reply?The next day, out of frustration, I opened the phone book, yes the phone book, and looked up apartments in the yellow pages. I called the first management company in the list and asked if they had any vacancies. They replied that they had a one-bedroom unit that I could see any time. I drove there on my lunch hour to have a look and as I pulled up the shady, tree-lined street where the garden apartment complex lay nestled, I was sure this would be my new home.

The complex manager showed me the freshly painted apartment with newly refinished wood floors and three windows in the living room overlooking a courtyard filled with trees. It was perfect. I said I would take it, but the manager explained that another woman had just seen the place and she also wanted it. I asked if I should fill out an application anyway, and he said yes.

I only had a glimmer of hope to get the apartment, but it seems that is all it took. At eleven o’clock the next morning I got a call from the management company saying that the other person had not faxed her application and they were inquiring if I still wanted the apartment. I told them I did and that I would be there in an hour with the money. It was Friday and I had just deposited the paycheck for the first week of my new job, but I knew it would not clear until Monday.

The management company assured me they would not deposit my rent check until Monday, so I signed the rental agreement, got the key, went up to my new home, lay down on newly refinished bare floor, and breathed a sigh of triumph. I was so elated I did not even care that I only had twenty dollars left to my name and a temporary job. I knew it would all work out and you know what, it did.

Life is a dance-learn to move with the rhythm.

How do we stop worrying? First, we must have the intention to do so, and then realize we are in control of our thoughts. We do not have to worry about anything. Worrying is a habit we learned. We did not worry as children. Life is not supposed to be full of things going wrong.

Consider nature, everything is perfect in the natural world and we are part of that world, so why should we experience mishap after mishap? When we go with the flow, and watch life unfold perfectly, we see life the way it is meant to be.

No Regrets

Regret is another waste of time. If we regret something, we are still putting our energy and thoughts into what we wish had occurred differently. If we continue to regret, over time we will also end up regretting all the time we spent regretting. A better approach is to realize that everything that happened was necessary to get us to where we are now, so it was all good.

Giving Our Power Away

Suffering is giving away our power to become a victim. It is the product of a mentality of scarcity. We live in a universe of infinite abundance, why should there be lack? We are not here to suffer. We are not here to suffer. We are not here to suffer. We are here to be happy and enjoy life.

Many people are truly suffering. There are others who choose to unnecessarily suffer along with them. We cannot solve issues from within the system that created them. We cannot rid the Earth of poverty in a culture that allows greed, and we cannot cure illness if we do not recognize wellness as our natural state. Some of us believe that suffering as an inevitable part of life and would rather suffer than not.

A more valuable approach is to continue to hold the Light, so that those that are suffering can see that there still is a Light.

An excerpt from:
Ascension Messages From the Higher Realms – The Process of Conscious Human Evolution (New Era Edition)
Coming late 2019.
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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