“We have finished backing up all that we can. The pyramids, temples and crystals are buried or replicated in multiple dimensions. In fact, in the process, a plan was discovered that was left for us by the Sirian-Pleaidean Alliance, outlining exactly in which time and location to replicate each item. All the elements for maintaining the Light of Atlantis have been created in Sacred Geometric patterns, forming an etheric, inter-dimensional Metatronic cube.

Now that everything has been backed up and the escape plans have been organized, I believe what Dondrub will discuss tonight is how long we must wait. Obviously we don’t want to evacuate in a life-threatening situation. Let’s go back to the house. There are many who wish to see you, including your dear mother.”

“I have brought their Tuaoi stones back with me. She will be happy.”

That night the New Law of One met. There were still those in the original Law of One, not in attendance, as they still could not accept the truth of what was happening. The rebel group had grown since the last meeting; there were now over two hundred people in attendance. Dondrub called the meeting to order and first went over the developments that Davin had described to Michal earlier that day. He then began to explain that it would soon be time to outline the evacuation process to everyone who had chosen to leave in an emergency. It was noted that there was a possibility for return, but only if Atlantis were not completely destroyed. How they would be able to determine that possibility would be discussed at a later time.

“In addition to backing up the energy structures that we wish to preserve,” he continued. “We have also constructed arrival and departure terminals underground in each particular time hologram to which Atlanteans will be going. The terminals contain housing, food and all facilities necessary for survival until the above ground accommodations are ready. The terminals also contain transportation vehicles, both for air travel and on the ground, allowing each person to move about easily. Using the energy in the above ground structures, such as pyramids, will allow homes to be constructed with ease. Programs for such necessities have been encoded in the terminals and can be accessed with communicators.

Seeds are stored and trees have been planted in the terminal compound. The sites that have been chosen are as similar to the Atlantean climate as possible, without the luxury of a second moon. There will be other people living in most of the areas. We must respect them and teach them what we can. This migration, if it happens, and it appears that it will, is a second chance for Atlanteans to live in the world successfully, something we have done in the past, but obviously are not doing now.

Almost all of the destination holograms are in similar time ranges. In fact, we have chosen near the end of the Lemurian Age as our target. There are still some Lemurians living in these places, but they are, for the most part, getting ready to either relocate into below ground cities or leave in Arcturian spaceships. How they make these decisions, we are not certain. The Lemurians have already been contacted and informed of our situation and have expressed interest in helping us get acclimated to the new environments. They are not leaving their home in a catastrophic situation; they are only aware that their time in the surface of the Earth is over and are moving on to their new homes in other realms.

All of you have been briefed where he or she will go if the evacuation occurs. What we are going to do tonight is distribute the names of the people and families that will also be going to the same place. It will be your responsibility to make sure that everyone on your list is informed of their evacuation route, trained in Merkeba inter-dimensional travel and aware of the facilities they will find when and if they evacuate.


Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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