Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine


After eons of living in a system based on male superiority, the time has come when many, both male and female, are beginning to embrace the Divine Feminine, in order restore a balance within themselves and humanity.
It is being accomplished by letting go of beliefs, such as competitiveness, aggression, and submission. Instead, the more feminine aspects of the human psyche, such as flow, gentleness, and co-creation are being reintegrated into daily life.

This is an activity for both genders. Women must learn to embrace power and men must learn to relinquish it. The power being spoken of here is not of the controlling type; rather it consists of embracing the innate energetic signature within each human being. Power comes from being in balance. Moderation is the highest human state, yet it does not imply perfection. That is what being human means. Sometimes a person is good and other times they are moderately good, but it is all good.

A man should be caring, gentle, and understanding, but he should also be strong and protective. So should a woman. Both men and women have characteristics dictated by the culture in which they live and others that are gender-based. When the balance between them is achieved, there is a dance, and it is beautiful.

A long time ago, something happened, which might be called the Fall of Man. An imbalance was created when men forcefully took the power that belonged women and combined it with theirs. This should have made them more powerful, but the plan did not work as well as expected. The power that men thought would make them like Gods was not meant for them. Yes, they had the magic that once had belonged to women, but they did not know how to use it and they began to act in ways that they had never known before. Even worse was the realization that they would never know how to use this power. They had taken the driving force from women, whom they loved and respected, and, by doing so, created an enormous divide between the genders, where previously there was union and trust. The problem was they could not give it back, for in the process, their egos had taken over and cut them off from their connection to Divine Wisdom. After a time, they began to create conflicts and wars with other men to use up the stolen energy. Many became obsessed with getting more power. At the same time, women learned to know their place. Mothers passed down to their daughters, the belief that men were superior. Daughters then did the same to their female offspring, until it became reality, for reality is what people choose to believe.

This tale is not designed to place blame on anyone, for everyone does the best they can with what they have to work with at the time. Now the chance to restore order has returned. Humanity must learn to embrace the Divine Masculine as well as the Divine Feminine, so that a balance can be created. Granted, the feminine energies of humanity have been repressed, but so have the true masculine energies. For centuries, only a distorted aspect of male energy has been expressed. Going forward, aggression will be replaced by protection, force replaced by allowance, and callousness replaced by caring. These are the adjustments that will be made so that men and women can once again experience the Divine aspects and characteristics of themselves.

Understanding attributes of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is the first step to beginning the process of once again integrating balance into each person’s life. Every individual must self-examine, to determine if they still retain outdated notions of gender. When this is accomplished, the relationships between the sexes will become healthier and it will trickle down to the interaction people have with one another. The process has already begun. One sign is that people hold doors for one another, when out in public. Not so long ago, it was only men that held doors. It may seem like a small thing, but it now is the accepted norm, a small example of gender equality and consideration for one another. As each person evolves and learns to get back to balance and moderation, the rest of the world will follow. It is a moment-to-moment process that all men and women now have the opportunity to experience. Honor the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in you and in everyone.

From “Being a Master in the New Era “

Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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