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Yes, there have been changes since the New Era began. Perhaps you have seen them. One change is that, slowly but surely, over the past few decades, a return to non-traditional methods of healing is becoming more common. That is a well-known fact. What is less known is that we are not bound by heredity. DNA is not set in stone, for it changes with environment influences, changes in our intentions, and the integration of new codes. We are in the first stages of mastering an understanding DNA, but even science is jumping on the bandwagon. Epigenetics is the branch of science that studies how external influences change our cells and DNA.We know that the environment can change cellular structure. We see it on a regular basis when living organisms are exposed to pollution, stress, or even climate change. We may experience un-wellness as a result. The reverse is also possible. When we choose fresh food over processed food, our health may improve. However, what is new to human consciousness is the concept that DNA is a blueprint we can edit. Change is possible, and when positive modifications occur, our overall physical condition improves.

How then does this affect the concept of heredity? Are we not descendants of our ancestors? Biologically speaking, from a certain point of view, it is true. A question arises when we acknowledge that souls incarnate into different, unrelated families from one lifetime to another. A person might be Native American in one lifetime and Irish in another. Then who are their true relatives? Is the concept of bloodline meaningless? The Soul Family tree might be quite different than the biological one.

It is the Soul Family connection that is the true ancestry of each of us, but the lineage may be the same as the biological one. That is why, as we connect with our Soul Family members. They are the people to whom we feel drawn and connected. They may be part of our physical family, but often that is not the case. Occasionally we might see a person walking down the street, who catches our eye. Take note of those individuals who cross your path each day, it is for a reason.

So then, what is inherited and what is not? Basically, we are a soup, a combination of energetic and cellular memory, coming from our biological mother and father, and Akashic memory, which we bring, when our Light Body incarnates into a physical lifetime. Our cellular memory mixes with the input from the current lifetime and creates a new formula. This explains why siblings from the same mother and father are so different. All this memory, as we call it, adds to the DNA coding that defines us. The biological codes are stored in the small percentage of DNA that science recognizes and the Akashic codes are stored in the so-called junk DNA. The good news is that these codes can be re-written. Presently we are learning how to do this on a very basic level.We call it healing. Knowing that we are not slaves to our DNA it a very powerful concept, for it allows us to be in control of our future. What is most important is the knowledge that it is possible.

There are small changes happening in the New Era, which we may take for granted, but affect the mass consciousness. We hold doors for one another, not just men holding them for women, as was the custom for generations, but most people take part in this relatively new custom. It is a small sign of the underlying movement towards balancing the Feminine and Masculine. Have a nice day is a phrase heard often, even amongst strangers. How positive! Even the smiley face is a sign of a general uplifted attitude. These changes have integrated into mainstream culture and although they are small, they are so widespread that they have changed our everyday human interactions. What changes lie ahead, who knows?

From “Being a Master in the New Era – Integrating the Codes of Ascension”

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