Being A Master in the New Era

Integrating the Codes of Ascension

ascensionBeing A Master in the New Era – Integrating the Codes of Ascension is a compelling collection of channeled messages, brought forth by Wendy Ann Zellea.

The New Era is about integrating human codes that have been lost over the ages. These codes, which are part of the default human energy body are essential for Conscious Human Evolution.

The good news is that they are again available to those on the Path of Ascension.

An ever so thin gossamer-like veil, separates the New Era and the Third Dimension, allowing those that have ascended into the New Era to take part in both dimensions. The New Era is an etheric, metaphysical place that moved into physical reality in 2012.

The responsibility of those having the awareness of their multidimensional consciousness, is to hold as much Light as possible. This is partly the reason so many are gravitating towards inspirational media. The time has come for Masters to absorb as much energy and Light as possible.

Prior to the New Era, it was all about inspiration and learning, now it is about re-programming the Light Body. This is also done by means of the information shared on social networks and on the Internet. In addition, each person is capable of accessing the library stored in his or her DNA. All that is required is the intention to do so. The changes occur silently. Just when one thinks nothing is happening, suddenly a shift has taken place.

The purpose of a Master in the New Era is to integrate codes. As this happens, fragmented parts of the person are restored and they will experience more of their true human potential. The process is one of allowing, rather than effort. So, begin now, open to the process, Becoming a Master in the New Era and Integrating the Codes of Ascension.