Sacred Seasons

BanffThe Moon and Sun cycles have been honored by humans as markers of essential, sacred, geometric aspects of the passage of life on Earth. The path of each person is interwoven into these cycles. Moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices are indisputably the same for everyone.

The traditional holidays of organized religions, were created as a substitute and alternative to the Earth, Sun, and Star-based celebrations, but to those living on Earth, Gaia is the true Goddess and her cycles are the appropriate times of celebration. She sustains all living things in every way, supplying nourishment and water, without which life could not endure.

In addition, she re-charges the environment with the crystalline energy that radiates from deep within her core, sending it to the dodecahedronal grid that surrounds her. Gaia provides medicinal herbs for healing, comfort and shelter, warmth, oxygen, and beauty. In return, gratitude for her blessings can be shown through the observance of her cycles, which are made obvious by physical changes in the environment. These changes are essential and affect the moods and habits of everyone. There is stillness in the low months, excitement and hope in the anticipation of spring, passion in the season of warmth and growth, and abundance and gratitude in the times of plenty. Celebrations of the seasons, facilitate participation in the natural cycles of the Earth. Even if one lives in an urban environment, they can connect with the Earth by observing her cycles and seasons.

The cycles of life continue in fractal patterns and exquisite designs.

The Autumnal Equinox is a time of plenty, thanks, and balance.  Eat the foods of the season, surround yourself with its warm colors, and bask in the richness of life that is experienced during this time of year. Be grateful and give thanks, allowing yourself the pleasure of enjoying the abundance of living.  Admire and acknowledge the trees as they delight your senses with a myriad of fiery colors. Even if one lives in a warm climate, there are changes to be felt and observed. Turn towards the natural rhythm of life and become a reflection of it, balanced and filled with joy.

Winter is the time for rest, sleep, and enjoying the fruits of one’s labors. It is important to be surrounded with extra light, to counter the darkness and create a sense of security. Seek out the comfort of home, friends and family. It is the season of reflection and slowness.

Spring arrives and the Equinox marks the last day that is shorter than the night. Rebirth abounds and each day that passes is like a painting that has more color added to it than the previous one. Smell the perfume in the air and adore the flowers when they make their appearance. Once more listen to the sound of the birds, chirping messages of renewal. Feel the hint of warmth as winter makes its retreat.

Life is a dance learn to move with the rhythm.

In the summer, outer garments can be shed and the sun felt on the skin. It is a time for recreation or re-creating a world where one can live closer to nature. The earth offers gifts of fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty.

Relish the seasons, they are sacred, holy, and provide balance. They encourage one to be grateful for all that life on Earth has to offer. Be not so afraid and full of anticipation for what lies ahead. Do not see the world as a place in need of healing and the environment as damaged.  Instead, see it as the wonder it is. Envision the air, water, sky, and forests as how they should perfectly be. Understand that one can create the reality and life they wish. The Earth is not a victim of human kind, she is strong and vibrant. She has been witness to many civilizations, some far more advanced than the current one. She will endure, and the life that she generates will also endure.

It is from the Earth that all life continues, for Gaia loves all life unconditionally. Unite with her again. Even if one must walk on concrete they can still connect with her in many ways. Watching a TV show about the natural world can create a connection with the energy of Mother Earth. She will sense the intention of the individual and send her loving, nourishing energy to re-vitalize and renew.

When one nurtures, pampers, and loves the self, the world will reflect those actions. Do not be afraid. Everyone is of the Earth and as a result, they are powerful, vital, kind, and divine, nothing can harm them. Tuning into the vibration of the trees, the animals, the clouds, and the water, will bring one to a place where they are calm and safe. Be part of the real world, the natural world, and live forever in the most perfect creation. In this place one can find everything they desire, coming to them effortlessly and freely as they are eternally connected to the cycles of life, which continue in fractal patterns and exquisite designs. Each living thing is also of that lineage. If the beauty of the creation that is in each person can be seen, it would amaze them more than they could imagine.

The Earth is not just a planet, she lives, breathes, loves, creates, and gives birth to her young, then watches them grow. She is the Divine Mother and sustainer of all life.  Once again, humans must learn to return the love to her and appreciate the gifts she has to offer. All living things seek nurturing; that is, maintaining the conditions that encourage, support, and promote the development of growth. Children are cared for by adults and when they are grown, the desire for encouragement and support, which they receive from family, friends, remains. In the New Era, the importance of self-nurturing, as a means of sustaining well-being, is becoming recognized.  As a parent, every ounce of energy cannot go to children, leaving nothing left for the parent. That is not an example to set for them, to take into their adult life. Everyone has a life to live and NOW is the time to live it, not when the kids are grown up, when the great job comes along, or when they retire.  Now is the time to fulfill one’s hopes and aspirations; whatever they may be. Take bubble baths, go for a hike, learn something new, travel, read the books that are piled up in a corner, go places, make love, and live your life, resonating with the cycles of nature.

Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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