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Holistic has become a word, commonly used in everyday life. It refers to the whole being of an individual. A holistic approach to  living and well-being implies that all aspects of life, including health and happiness, are considered and addressed. It also implies that the  individual is directly involved in the holistic process, since only they can determine how they feel. Certainly, a physician or practitioner can offer treatment. They can conduct tests or use methods to determine improvement in a particular situation, but they are not able to tap into the feelings of the individual. Does the person feel better, even though the test results show improvement, or is there a deeper layer of the person that must be included in the overall treatment?

It is essential for each person to be in tune with their feelings on a holistic level, otherwise they become out of balance, stressed, or unhappy. By remaining aware of  feelings, one knows which direction to take to correct any imbalance in their holistic condition. So why and how do imbalances happen? Why is it not possible to remain in a perfectly happy frame of mind all the time? Well, perhaps it is.

World events or personal situations are unpleasant or even tragic at times. Sometimes it appears they are impossible to change. It takes a very strong individual to remain balanced in such situations, but there are always different ways to look at the same event. No one wishes to minimize the severity of the difficult time another may be experiencing, but in all cases, it is essential to maintain one’s equilibrium.

The Best Outcome

To begin, try expecting the best outcome. By expecting the optimal outcome to a situation, one is helping to create that outcome. This does not necessarily mean that the expected outcome is known or that it is the desired one. Every best outcome is not necessarily painless. Suffering may be involved. In addition, one may not always understand why certain events happen. However, in the overall scheme of things, and from a certain point of view, it might make perfect sense.

On a more spiritual level, some beings incarnate with agreements that include suffering. It may be so that another person may have a particular life experience. This also applies to events that happen on a grand scale. When one is sensitive and spiritually evolved, they are aware that intelligent design is part of every process. With that understanding, they are able to remain an observer in any situation, even when events affect them directly.

Believe It

When one truly believes that life is good and all is well, it allows them to believe that the best outcome is always the end product. Beliefs are extremely powerful. Yes, it is true. They create one’s reality. Therefore, no matter what the situation, one can focus on a reality where problems and issues do not exist. This is not to say one should live with denial or ignore what is happening. The trick is to create the desired landscape and operate from there.

Be Balanced, Be Holistic

When one is holistic, all aspects of themselves are in balance. It is just as important to nurture the physical and emotional parts of one’s self as it is the spiritual. There is enough time to do all of this when one sets realistic and achievable goals to help accomplish a balanced lifestyle. If one wishes to have time to meditate and discovers they cannot find an hour to do so, perhaps they may take five or ten minutes and have a calm peaceful interlude. The result may turn out to be equally effective.

During the winter, the weather may prevent one from walking outside for exercise. There are other ways to move one’s body such as walking indoors, using a stationary bike, or doing yoga. Even deep house cleaning will move the body around and there are benefits derived by having an uncluttered, tidy home.

Nurturing one’s self is essential for maintaining a holistic and optimized state. Relaxation is required, especially before going to sleep. Having quiet time, watching something funny, or reading something spiritual, is a good way to prepare for a restful night. Oracle card apps are available for phones and devices. An energy card reading can set the stage for one’s journey into the dream state.

Living Holistically is achieved through Balance and Moderation. The result is a reduction in physical and emotional stress. Once tension and strain are diminished, wellness and stability are restored to the Light Body. One becomes more connected to the Energetic Source of Life. Decisions become easier. Answers are provided. Knowing is apparent and the Highest Human State is experienced.


Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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