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Channelled messages from the Higher Realms, through Wendy Ann Zellea.

Fine Tuning the Energy Body

Blue OrbLightworkers and Starseeds, those who have embarked on a spiritual journey have, more often than not, had teachers, taken classes, gone to seminars and learned many techniques that have been helpful in their spiritual evolution. The learning and practicing was all in preparation for the arrival of 2013 and the New Era.

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Wellness, and health are the natural state of all living things. What is it then that allows or prevents someone from experiencing well-being in their life? Everything in the Universe is made up of energy and each particle of that energy vibrates at its own frequency.

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The Ritual of Life


A ritual is a sequence of actions that are performed to achieve a desired outcome. There are many types of rituals. In fact, from a certain point of view, life itself is a ritual. In the New Era, Masters have once again become aware of the value of integrating consciously designed,

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The New Era – It’s Here!!!

Summer Solstice gridThe shift into the New Era on Earth is unfolding. A different reality has been created and those who have become aware of it, are learning to live within it. It the reality for which Lightworkers hoped, worked and trained. All the healing modalities that have been learned and practiced in the process,

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Truth is Truth, It’s True

IMG_0716Everything you read in this article is true. At least it was true for me when I wrote it. It might also be true for you and it might not. It is up to you to decide. You are the only one who knows what is true or appropriate for you.

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Masters and Lightworkers

Copy of Quan at SunsetNow what? You have embraced many spiritual teachings, learned healing modalities, kept up with cutting edge, esoteric discoveries and remained positive and uplifted. All your efforts have been helpful in understanding the realities that lie before the community of Lightworkers, now living in the New Era, but true Masterhood is more than just learning,

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New Spirituality is Becoming Mainstream

Tibetan 005A wonderful thing happened in 2013…

But hold on, just for a moment let’s step back to 2012, the year much of the world was waiting for an era to end. Those who believed that nothing much was going to occur in December 2012, were right. It was rather an uneventful conclusion to a very long countdown,

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