The Atlantean Crop Circle Project

An excerpt from SAVING ATLANTIS – A Mystical, Modern Myth

by Wendy Ann Zellea

SAVING ATLANTIS – A Mystical, Modern Myth

Throughout the ages, higher beings and those from other Star Systems have affectionately watched over humans, not interfering, only observing. Occasionally there were times when they offered assistance, either to help avoid a catastrophe or assist during major shifts of mass consciousness. It was again one of those times. The missions began in October of 1971, when Atlantean crews began coming to Quadrant 88, as it was officially called. The project was partially the fulfillment of an agreement with the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance, in exchange for their technological assistance in maintaining the Second Moon. The main purpose of their missions was to bring codes, vital to the Ascension Process of Lightworkers, as they entered both the New Age and the New Era.

Going forward, new codes would be delivered remotely using Atlantean technology, by means of crop circles, a process that had been used for ages throughout the universe. The new data would assist in restoring the Earth’s electromagnetic grid to full integrity and raise the vibration of humanity as a whole, by adding missing elements to the DNA of the Lightworker consciousness. Each Sacred Geometric design stamped a code on to the surface of the Earth, beginning a new process.

Most crop circles are found near lay lines, electromagnetic conduits for natural Earth energy. This allows the codes to be transmitted into the Earth’s energy grid. In addition, the circles are placed near bodies of water that are both above and below the ground. Water has the unique property, similar to that of quartz crystals, of retaining the energetic signature, or code, of all that it experiences in its flow, even when that energy is no longer present. The water that is encoded by the crop circles flows into the streams, rivers, and eventually the ocean, where it vaporizes and returns as rain, ending up in the consumable water supply.

Atlanteans were aware that plants are extremely telepathic. The crops, in the fields where the circles were located, became altered by the energy of the design, enabling them to participate in the evolutionary process of both the Earth and of humans. Eventually the entire field became affected, as plants communicate through their root system. Before long, other plants for miles and miles were impacted. Pollen traveling in the air brought the transformed energy far away from the source. Both humans and animals also ingested the codes, by means of the food products created from the new and improved crops. Lightworkers who travelled to the sites or even viewed photographs also absorbed the codes. They were the ones who benefitted the most, since they were open to receiving them. Insects and migrating birds carried the codes even further, with the pollen that clung to them. When the Internet became the primary source of sharing information and crop circle photos were available online, the codes began to be distributed exponentially.

Certain parts of the world, particularly the current British Isles, corresponded and resonated with the energy of a clear quartz crystal pyramid in Atlantis from which these codes were generating. The crews had the technology to remotely create the crop circles from their base in New Jersey. This greatly confused those who discovered the circles, since there was never any sign of humans having been in the area where the circles were found. Had it been known that the members of the Atlantean crew were the creators of the designs; there would be many questions with answers outside the comfort zone of scientists.

Around the same time, a period of climate change began to occur in Quadrant 88, the official Atlantean name of the current time hologram. Codes, which held the vibration of ancient cultures such as Lemuria and Mu, and had been frozen in polar ice caps for ages, were being released into the oceans, as a result of environmental warming that was melting the ice. The encoded, ancient water also eventually found its way to the consumable water supply.

Once the Light Channel of enough people opened sufficiently, the New Age took over. Angels, Ascended Masters, and other highest Light Beings were able to assist humanity on a one to one basis. Oh yes, they had always been there; however, since they cannot help unless asked, it was not until a higher awareness was created that they could begin their work, which was to provide assistance in the Ascension Process. Gradually, as the influx of Light increased, the New Age transitioned into the New Era in 2013. This coincided with the completion of the reconstruction of the Earth’s electromagnetic grid, with the assistance of the Atlantean crews that had come to Quadrant 88. Once again, there was a foundation of energetic integrity on the planet and it was essential for what was to come.

More Atlantean crews were sent to implement and automate a project that would continue to create crop circles after they returned to Atlantis. Finally, the last crew was sent to inspect and test the automated process and inform the Council that the project was completed and functioning as designed. The communication frequencies used to create the circles, which originated in Atlantis, were too high for the technology of the day to detect. All that was occasionally seen at the site of the circle, by those attempting to catch an ET or human in the act, was a small light, traveling over the area, apparently creating the design as it moved. Some researchers attributed creation of crop circles to Aliens, since multidimensional, simultaneous co-habitation was not yet part of the consciousness of mainstream science. They could not imagine that the real artistry was generating from a scientific station in Atlantis. There had been other times, in the history of Q88, as it was affectionately called, that Atlantis had assisted, but this project was a truly evolutionary event that would be the last time their services were needed. The segment of the population called Lightworkers had evolved enough to forge forward on their own, with the assistance, of course, of the Sirian-Pleiadian Council, Angels and Ascended Masters.

In Atlantis, inter-dimensional travel was accomplished by focusing on coordinates in universal space. Once the desired point was located and the vibration of the destination was determined, a being could adjust their light quotient to be compatible with that point in space and time. Of course, it was not entirely that simple, much training was required to be able to safely transport oneself from one point in one dimension to another. Absolute integrity of the being was more than required–it was essential.

The physical needs of the crew were easily met. By calculating the vibration of each item, money, identification documents, and other necessities of everyday life were easily manifested. This was accomplished by advanced manifestation skills that observed the Laws of Energy, so that the manifestation process did not cause an imbalance. If a person were to manifest more than they required, it might create a hardship on someone else. Only a few very skilled technicians, mathematical geniuses, had perfected Manifestology, as it was called. They were experts in determining the exact calibrations and vibrations of everything that existed in Third Dimensional space and were responsible for providing all that was necessary to those who travelled. Therefore, when one journeyed into linear dimensionality, they could arrive at the correct level of consciousness, be provided with everything they needed to fit into the society where they were, and appear as normal as the next person. What was manifested or consumed from a different dimension had to be replaced by something of equal value. This was accomplished by an energy exchange. Each member left the appropriate amount of healing energy for the Earth before they returned, which balanced what they had used on their visit. In addition, they brought precious gemstones with them that allowed them to generate money by selling them. A number of the stones were given back to the Earth to account for any deficit they might have incurred. So, in the end, they left with no more or less, than when they arrived.

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