Holding the Light

There currently exists, and the number is growing, many individuals and groups who realize that  their purpose on earth is to contribute to the transformation, transmutation, and evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants…

We are the ones who are paving the way for humanity to move into the Higher Realms…

We are the ones holding the Light for all humanity…

Not to Worry


Did you know that worrying about something that works out, means that you worried for nothing. In fact, you have only made the situation worse by placing your focus on a result you do not want, thereby helping to create it.

You Can Make a Difference

Being in the now, appreciating  life, and showing kindness to others is the key. Taking time to acknowledge people during the day is a powerful way to create positive energy, which will spread in waves from one person to the next.

Holistic Well-Being and Balance

Holistic has become a word, commonly used in everyday life. It refers to the whole being of an individual. A holistic approach to  living and well-being implies that all aspects of life, including health and happiness, are considered and addressed.

Sacred Seasons

BanffThe Moon and Sun cycles have been honored by humans as markers of essential, sacred, geometric aspects of the passage of life on Earth. The path of each person is interwoven into these cycles. Moon cycles, eclipses,

Welcome to the New Era

The New Era has arrived and it is real. It is the home of all those who dreamt of it and helped to create it. They are the Masters and if you are reading this, you are one too. The New Era did not manifest as expected,

Maintaining the Highest Vibration – “Letting Go”

IMG_0716Spiritual Growth, otherwise known as enlightenment, is the focus of each Master, living in the New Era. It is a constant process of increasing one’s energetic signature.
Many variables can affect a person’s vibration. Emotional and environmental factors influence the Light Quotient,

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