Along Your Spiritual Path

Spirituality, what exactly does it mean? We are all spiritual beings, each of us living our life purpose. As children, we learn the cultural and religious beliefs of our family, and in the process, some of our true nature is forgotten. To some extent, we become separated from the conscious connection with our spiritual self. It all seems quite normal, since we are surrounded by many others in the same boat. However, there is always that one little place, in the deepest part of our being, which tells us there must be more.

As if by a kind of Grace, when we listen to that nudge, a small spark of Light, from within, begins to re-kindle and burn brightly, lighting a path that has been forgotten. When this happens, you know you must walk that path into the unknown. You are back on your Conscious Spiritual Journey, the purpose for which you incarnated into this lifetime.

That spiritual journey is not something that can be measured. There is no keeping score. There is no comparison of one person’s progress with that of another. It has no meaning to do so, and it is not a spiritual thing to do anyway. There is no linear process on a spiritual path. It is a quantum journey, sometimes with plateaus, and others with leaps and bounds, all of which are necessary to proceed further.

In the quiet times, you may feel as though you are stagnant or not going forward. Instead, you are on a plateau, a place for integrating new energy. It is a time of stillness and calm. Enjoy it, because it probably will not last too long. Soon, the journey begins again with new and exciting advances, along Your Spiritual Path.

You may become more spiritual by studying esoteric knowledge. However, unless you integrate that knowledge into the energy body, it remains an intellectual activity, rather than a spiritual exercise. The benefits of such courses of study are that you are being exposed to information that has a high vibration. If you are inspired by something you read or learn, or by a modality you practice, it is because you have found something that raises your vibration.

By embracing alternative teachings that have endured over eons of time, you have an opportunity to replace beliefs, which no longer serve you, with those that do. It is not, however, the measure of your degree of enlightenment. Many ancient teachings still have value in modern times, and by embracing them, they can enhance your life. However, it is essential to use discernment and focus only what resonates with you.

So then, besides integrating the energy of alternative teachings and modalities, how else does one become a more spiritual person? As with many things, sometimes less is more. A truly spiritual person, such as the Buddha, is only required to be kind, loving, gentle, present, and aware of as much of their world as possible. Only then, when treading lightly through life, will they experience the highest human state, or the Middle Way.

Yes, there are modalities that can assist in the process. The list is very long and may be different for each person, but this is where another aspect of spirituality must be considered. Once a person has achieved a particular vibration, they become attuned to their personal source of guidance. When this connection with Source is established, the individual receives guidance at every turn of the bend, each moment of their life. The guidance manifests through feelings. In other words, who feels it, knows it.

So then, what is it that makes a person spiritual? First and foremost, it is being kind, followed with being present and balanced. These are things that everyone has the ability to accomplish. When one is on a journey of Conscious Human Evolution, they are living the highest, most Sacred way they can. They are fulfilling their purpose and raising the Light Quotient of all humanity.

Everything is vibration. As you proceed along Your Spiritual Path, your vibration becomes higher, finer. As it does, you are becoming a more spiritual being, along Your Spiritual Path.





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